People Care

People Care

We began our permaculture journey when Louisa couldn’t get pregnant. Instead of going for fertility treatment, we decided to change our eating habits. It took only a few months of eating healthy, when she became pregnant. We then realised how unhealthy most “food” on the supermarkets’ shelves are.

We asked ourselves: How were we caring for ourselves, all these years, if the food we ate was so unhealthy? How could we fix this problem? That was when we began our first square foot garden and soon produced too much to eat ourselves. That was also when the second principle of permaculture naturally kicked in. We didn’t only cared about ourselves, but also about our family and friends. We wanted to show them how easy it was to grow their own food. We wanted to give them good tasting and nutritious food to eat when they visit us. We were hoping that in this way we could help them to realise that many of our and their ailments are actually from the “foodless food” we consume.

Is caring for people only about food? No! It’s also about a whole range of things from not poluting someone elses resources to respecting someone elses views on life.

For us, permaculture begins at home. Caring for our family and inviting others to come and see what we do, how we do it and why we do it.