Fair Share

Fair Share

The third principle of permaculture is a tough one and many have tried to explain it, but it stays a bit illusive and not much talked about. When you apply permaculture principles, you soon see the abundance that could be created. It’s an abundance we want to share. The abundance comes from harnassing all the free resources that nature provides: wind, water, sun and soil microbes.

However, to make use off al the free resources, takes a bit of hard work. We don’t mind hard work, of that there is enough: Digging holes, herding animals, planting trees and vegetables, harvesting, slaughtering, building and whatever needs to be done on the farm.

Sharing the fruit of our labours, is amazing. To give someone a ripe tomato and see how they touch it and smell it and turn it around, is great. To tell someone about permaculture and see the light dawn in their eyes, is what we live for. To show someone what compost should look like and smell, is priceless.

Because it takes time, effort and energy to produce whatever we have on the farm, sharing also involves selling of the products. Selling doesn’t have to be only in terms of money. Bartering and volunteering also plays a big part in how we share our produce, experience and knowledge.